Origins Facilities

Origins offers various spaces for times of input, sharing and meals.


Go sit in your cell and your cell will teach you everything.
Abba Moses 330-405 AD

Whoever sits in solitude and is quiet, has escaped from three wars:
The war of hearing;
The war of speaking;
The war of listening.
Then there is only one battle left in which to fight:
The battle for you own heart.
ABBA Anthony 251 – 356. AD

We live in a time of information overload. We keep on reading and studying, but do we really get in touch with the deepest part of ourselves? Does all the reading and studying make us healthier persons? Physically and spiritually?

Come experience sitting in your cell…

Come escape from the wars of hearing, speaking and seeing…
Become aware of the battle for your own heart.

Spaces range from conference rooms, to smaller more intimate rooms, a kitchen and dining area.

The Stable

The Stables, named after the stables of the original farm, consists of a small but fully equipped kitchen, dining area and refreshment area.

Seeds and Roots

Seeds & Roots are small rooms that offer a private and prayerful space for conversation. These rooms are best suited for one-to-one conversations with a spiritual director during a retreat.


Cradle is a boardroom-type room, a space where dreams are born. This space can be used by groups or teams for reflection, discernment and discussion about your hopes and dreams.


Elements is a comfortable meeting place and offers a space for input and group-sharing during retreats.The room offers a large digital display, a small library and icon station.

The Base

The Base is a conference room, which can accommodate up to 50 people comfortably.

This facility is equipped with 50 chairs, a video projector and two flip charts (which can serve as whiteboards).


Origins offers comfortable accommodation for your stay during your retreat. The main housing quarters, named “Essence”, consist of 10 en suite rooms, which can sleep up to 20 people. The dormitories, “Fountain” and “Spring”, sleep 6 each. Sleeping quarters are built to provide privacy for retreatants.

All the rooms are self contained facilities.

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Times of prayer

Retreatants and visitors are invited to join the prayers

06:00, 12:00, 18:00